S02E14: ‘That Was It?’: The Destiny 2 Beta Story

We have all played the Destiny 2 beta in record time, giving our thoughts along with our concerns for the final release, and what we hope for the future of the franchise. Besides that, Ben has played through Doom and has started Breath of the Wild.

In news, Titanfall 2 once again is putting out a ton of free content; Telltale announces their release schedule for the next year (INCLUDING THE WOLF AMONG US SEASON TWO!!!); Doom gives away all their multiplayer DLC along with having a free weekend; and Windjammers finally is given a release date.

For our Top 5 this week, we flip around last week’s and pick our five favorite games based on TV shows or movies.

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S02E13: Ben’s Persona 5 Pro Switch

Ben has finally finished Persona 5! He celebrates by purchasing a Switch, Breath of the Wild, and the Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle. Jake remains trapped in the depths of Darkest Dungeon, while Mike has a very short time with Cave Story+.

For news, we talk about the very successful SGDQ 2017, Castlevania’s overnight Netflix success, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s open beta, ASTRO Gaming being bought by Logitech, and Resident Evil Revelations making its console debut next month.

In our Top 5 this week, we select our favorite TV shows and/or movies based on video games!

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S02E12: All Holiday Movies Are About Christmas

Mike finally reaches the finale of the Dark Souls series by completing the DLC, Jake has fallen into the depths of Darkest Dungeon, and Ben will be stuck in the last Persona 5 dungeon for at least another week.

In news, big glitches in Friday the 13th were fixed, bringing a large banhammer down with them, Destiny 2 is changing up their loot drops, Assassin’s Creed is getting animated, Playstation’s trophies will sync faster, and we have cautious optimism for WWE 2K18. Finally, with our Top 5 we pick our favorite holiday movies.

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S02E11: The End of the Breath of the Wild

Mike finally finished Breath of the Wild so he gives his closing thoughts, the SNES Classic is real and already hard to find, Bungie is giving rewards to its dedicated Destiny players, more new content for Titanfall 2, the PS+ games of July, and Rick and Morty are coming to Rocket League! In our Top 5 we list the sequels we want made the most!

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S02E10: Looking Back and Forward at 2017

This week we talk about the new independence of IO Interactive and the future of the Hitman franchise, along with the just announced Cities: Skylines! Then we look back on the games released so far in 2017, as well as looking forward to what awaits us in the coming months. Finally, our Top 5 takes on our most anticipated titles!

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