S05E10: The Last of Us on TV?

Back at it again! Apex Legends still dominates Mike’s playtime, but with a splash of Dead Cells and Nioh 2. Ben is also consumed with mostly Apex Legends, has been spending more time with Final Fantasy VI, and tried the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. Jake continues his never-ending playing of Escape from Tarkov, but started a new playthrough of La Mulana.

Coronavirus has taken down more events with the cancellation of both GDC and the Rocket League World Championships, Ghost of Tsushima gets a summer release date, Roller Champions is coming to all major platforms, Bloodstained cancels its “roguelike” mode, Skater XL is coming to PS4, and Symphony of the Night has released on mobile.

Bonus Round is a long chat about the recently announced The Last of Us series on HBO, along with other video game adaptations.

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